Suma Nova L6 Dishwash Detergent


Suma Nova L6 is a concentrated liquid mechanical ware washing detergent specially formulated to provide excellent soil removal in hard water conditions. Suma Nova L6 is a heavy duty alkaline liquid detergent which is suitable for use in a wide range of single and multi-tank ware washing machines. This dishwashing detergent contains a blend of caustic alkali and scale control agents, which will provide excellent soil removal. The high level of powerful scale control agents in Suma Nova L6 will also prevent scaling in hard water conditions. This liquid mechanical warewashing detergent for hard water cuts through grease and dried-on food. Highly concentrated formulation gives greater economy in use and prevents scaling of the dish wash machine even in hard water conditions.

Pack Size/Quantity:
1 x 5L
1 x 10L
1 x 20L

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