Smart Dose Suma Bac D10 Sanitiser Cleaner


Suma Bac D10 is a concentrated detergent disinfectant for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in food premises. This disinfecting cleaner is suitable for all surfaces in food premises. The combination of QAC, sequestrant and the buffer system makes this product very effective against a wide range of micro-organisms, in all water conditions. The formulation also contains surfactants, which makes the product suitable for one step cleaning and disinfection. The benefits of Suma Bac D10 include requiring just one product to clean and sanitise and this cleaner really cuts through grease and dried-on food soiling. Suma D10 is effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms, helping to improve hygiene security.

Pack Size/Quantity:
1 x 1.4 L
2 x 1.4 L

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