Vital Bio Enzyme Drain Cleaner


Bio Dose is a stable liquid containing specially selected micro-organisms and enzymes.  These quickly break-down the fatty waste evacuated into the drainage systems from kitchens and other catering and food processing units. Bio Dose is suitable for use in all types of drains, sinks and small-bore pipes, and will maintain septic tanks, grease traps and complete sewerage treatment systems. Bio Dose is stable until activated when mixed with water, or pouring into the drain system.  Bio Dose quickly breaks down fatty waste into smaller pieces and then converts it into water & gasses. The initial degradation phase improves drain flow-rates and reduces odours, until the micro-organisms in Bio Dose complete the degradation process.  Bio Dose is ideal for auto dosing and contains no harmful properties.

Pack Size/Quantity:
1 x 5L
1 x 10L
1 x 20L